VIDEO: Commissioner Stemberger Defends Privacy Restoration Act (CRC Judicial Committee 2.1.18)

The privacy amendment, Proposal 22, is designed to fix our state constitution’s privacy clause and require the Florida Supreme Court to interpret it in accordance with the original intent of the Legislature (which placed it on the ballot) and the people who adopted it.  Florida’s privacy clause was intended for informational privacy and not for abortion.  Sadly, Proposal 22 died recently in its second CRC committee, the Judicial Committee.  However, if 15 CRC members vote to revive the proposal the matter can still be heard and voted on by the entire commission.

You can watch CRC Commissioner John Stemberger’s argument for Proposal 22 before the CRC Judicial Committee here (starting at 1:06:53).

You can read the latest article on the status of the Privacy Proposal by the Orlando Sentinel here.