History of Florida’s Privacy Amendment and the Need for Clarification

2017-18 Florida Constitution Revision Commission Proposal 22.PDF, FL Privacy, Florida Informational Privacy, Abortion, Florida Privacy Restoration Act, FLPRA, history privacy amendment florida

Though the 2017-18 Florida Constitution Revision Commission has chosen not to revive the Florida Privacy Restoration Act as an active proposal, the need for clarifying provisions under Florida’s privacy amendment in the constitution remains. This […]

Trump commission: American voters don’t have right to ‘informational privacy’ (Washington Times)

President Trump’s voting integrity commission fired back at critics Wednesday, saying the Supreme Court has never recognized a constitutional right to “informational privacy” that would prevent the panel from collecting and studying voter registration data […]

FTC to Examine Injury Needed for Data Security Enforcement (Bloomberg)

Whether the FTC should find actual consumer harm before taking data breach enforcement action against a company, or should be able to take action based on an inference that harm arises from the presence of […]

Google, Facebook may have to reveal deepest secrets (Politico)

The algorithms that helped the companies make their fortunes are of growing interest to investigators probing interference in the 2016 election. The investigations into Russia’s role in the 2016 election are threatening to pry the […]

Judge denies demand for privacy assessment on Trump voter fraud data request (Politico)

A federal judge has turned down a watchdog group’s demand that President Donald Trump’s controversial voter fraud commission be forced to conduct a privacy assessment before gathering data on millions of American voters. In a […]

How Courts Avoid Ruling on Issues of Technology and Privacy (Slate)

When it comes to technology privacy cases, judges often focus on side issues instead of tackling the big questions. Last week, the New York Court of Appeals issued a ruling that could have ensured that […]

Public agency drone use soared in 2016 (Bloomberg)

In most law enforcement scenarios, drones are being flown for traffic management or crime-scene photography, according to the study. They’re also used for search and rescue, hazardous material spills, mass evacuations, and aerial viewing of […]

The state of privacy in post-Snowden America (Pew Research)

After the June 2013 leaks by government contractor Edward Snowden about National Security Agency surveillance of Americans’ online and phone communications, Pew Research Center began an in-depth exploration of people’s views and behaviors related to […]

Law shields some, but not all, Crestwood details

Crestwood Superintendent David Toth has been tight-lipped about recent allegations that started internal and police investigations into the Red Devils football team. He has cited federal privacy rules, which prohibit him from identifying students who […]

The battle for ethics at the cutting edge of technology (Silicon Republic)

Will the brave new world ushered in by Industry 4.0 be good or bad for society? Dr Fiachra Ó Brolcháin from DCU’s Institute of Ethics examines the ethics of new technology. In an era of […]